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Local Honey for Northern California

Due to the drought the bees have minimal sources of nectar and we do not expect to extract any honey in 2022.  We are currently out of honey and do not know when the bees will have enough to start providing this precious resource to our customers again.  

We use no chemicals in our beehives and keep our bees in the most natural settings possible.  However, bee populations worldwide are struggling with extreme levels of toxicity in the environment.  One of the primary factors in Northern California is the aluminum fallout from widespread geoengineering operations.  Various studies have found enough aluminum in bee larvae to give a human dementia.  

We do our best to keep contaminates out of our products but aluminum oxide, plastics and other nano-particulates and aerosols are raining down on us from above.  Until this is stopped no-one can provide a clean product.

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