Garden/Farm/Ranch Consulting & Coaching

  • Do you want to start feeding yourself with the resources you already control?  

  • Do you want to understand how to close the loop and limit or eliminate expenses?

  • Do you have a small to medium scale farm/ranch that you would like to make financially and ecologically sustainable?

Whatever your scale, from potted plants on a balcony to hundreds of acres of forest, ranch or farmland, I can help you develop and implement a plan to produce more quality product with fewer expenses.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • B.S. from the University of Calfornia Santa Cruz

  • 10+ years experience designing Permaculture Farms, Ranches and Gardens

  • 4 Years as Small Farms Coordinator with the UC Cooperative Extension

  • Owner/Operator of diversified 40 acre farm in California's Sierra Nevada Foothills

  • Experienced in the closed loop commercial and home scale production of:

    • honey, wax, pollen, packaged bees and queens

    • meat from lambs, pigs, cows and goats

    • tree fruits and garden vegetables

    • oyster mushrooms

    • forest products

    • nursery plants

    • soil 

    • berries and vines

  • Chemical free beekeeper since age 9

  • Grew up working on a 7000 acre cattle ranch

  • Work and consulting on farms in almost every country in the Americas as well as many European countries 

  • Experienced at reducing the risks of catastrophic wildfire

  • Design of systems at scales from balconies to 1000+ acres

  • Expert in the field of Permaculture Design

  • Practitioner and Designer of Holistic Grazing Systems

  • Extensive Experience with Photovoltaic Electrical Systems (Solar)

  • Expert in Water Pumping, Storage and Irrigation Systems

  • Make a living exclusively from agricultural production and consulting

I specialize in minimal input systems that become completely closed loop 'permaculture' systems as they mature.  Every aspect of the systems I design feed other parts of the system while also producing outputs that are useful to humans.  

Ready to get started or make your current system more resilient, sustainable and/or profitable?

Vision and Initial Plan for your production system:

  • Questionnaire honing your resources and desires

  • Map of land to be worked - detail will vary based on scale

  • 3-8 page written vision plan taylored to your space and desires, specific recommendations for how to start all the way through a vision for year 10

  • 3 hours phone/video consultation

  • Normally $600

  • Contact us at or click on the button below to get started



Specialized Coaching for your Operation/Home

  • Vegetables, fruit trees, forests, mushrooms, pasture, cows, lambs, pigs, poultry, goats, fire safety, alternative energy systems, water pumping, irrigation, honeybees, pollinator gardens, food forests, citrus, nursery plants, propagation, rainwater harvesting, natural fertilizers, marketing, soil creation, dairy animals etc...

  • Let me help you close the loop on your system

  • You will start saving money, time and resources immediately and will soon be increasing your production.

  • Normally $100/hr

  • Contact us today at to get started