Our Goals:

  • Employ the benefits of carefully managed multi-species herd impact on a scale that will take timely control of the currently dire lack of fire resilience in rural and suburban California.

    • Thin the highly flammable vegetation that carries intense wildfire.

    • Tackle the dire issue of catastrophic wildfire in every month of the year instead of only working on it in the cool wet season (use of animals accomplishes this goal, fire cannot)

    • Convert brushy vegetation into manures that build soil in the form of nitrogen and phosphorous.  [Fire also builds soil by converting vegetation into potash and calcium , but a balance between of ash and manure is needed to build healthy soils that sequester carbon and retain water.]

    • Offer a growing population healthy meats.

    • Engage rural and suburban landowners in a comprehensive year-round forest stewardship program

    • Protect lives, property and the health of the California eco-system.



  • Holistically manage a multi-species herd on a a contiguous set of rural and suburban parcels using existing fencing infrastructure, herding dogs and skilled labor.  The herd’s impact will control flammable vegetation, build soil health, retain water and sequester carbon. The result is a California with a fire resilient eco-system that will continue to provide the water that cities, farms and industry need while sequestering carbon for the long term.

  • We will not have to live in thick smoke for months at a time

  • we will be mimicking a natural process 

  • soil depth and health will improve which means that even as these animals reduce the risks of catastrophic fire, we will be sequestering carbon, retaining water in the soil and reducing the chance that we will have to live in the smoke and flames next year

  • You can help by sponsoring a sheep or cow for one year.  Professional herdsman will move the animals on a consistent basis using holistic planning.  

  • Stewarding the forests of California may be the most important thing we can work towards this year.  Now you can help by sponsoring an animal that will reduce the ladder fuels that lead to catastrophic wildfire.


California’s forests are extremely overgrown to the point that intense wildfires have grown in size from a few hundred acres to hundreds of thousands of acres.  These intense fires kill the forest canopy and scorch the soil seed bank.  As a result, the intensely burned zones grow back with highly flammable brush, noxious weeds and plants that are typical of the Sonora Desert.  These intense burns birth an ecosystem that is even more prone to catastrophic wildfire than it was before the fire.


While we can blame some of the intensity of these wildfires on climate change, the part of the equation that we can do something about is rectifying the lack of forest stewardship.  Prior to the Gold Rush, cultural fire and enormous herds of wild ruminant animals stewarded the forests and grasslands of California.  These two stewardship mechanisms have been almost completely suppressed.  It is high time to bring back not only low intensity fire, but also herd impact to the stewardship of California’s diverse eco-systems.


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