Our Mission:

At Herds for Change we holistically manage a multi-species herd of animals to create resilient, regenerative environments in central California. Our primary mission is to steward the dynamic relationships between our herd & the ecosystem. This stewardship is critical to reversing desertification, providing people with clean air, clean water & a regenerative food system. We have opted for a grassroots model, employing crowd-sourced funding, because we believe that the engagement of our local community & stakeholders-everywhere is fundamental to both the success of our work & a bright, positive future for all.


Our initial goal is to reduce catastrophic wildfire & we are dedicated to informing our decision-making by monitoring the impact of our herd with biological surveys, data, records & analysis. The ultimate goal of our work is the improvement of the watershed through increasing soil depth, health & water retention. We aim to increase biodiversity and ultimately provide a better habitat for all living beings.