Bee Blocks

Bee Blocks

Honeybees build their hives with hexagonal wax cells.  Inside these cells they rear the next generation of bees, store honey, pollen and sometimes even water.  Aside from the honeybees, hexagons are a prolific shape in nature.  The skin of a giraffe is "painted" with hexagons and mud-flats crack into hexagons when they dry.  


These hexagonal blocks are great for play as well as demonstrating math and engineering concepts.  


These blocks are polished and waxed (with beeswax) for a silky finish that feels great on the hands.


40 bee blocks in a hexagonal box


Dimensions of each individual block: 1.3" Diameter, 1.5" Tall.  3.5cm Diameter, 4 cm Tall


All lumber used in our toys is harvested by Paloma Pollinators from dead and severely overgrown trees.  We then mill the wood into workable lumber and set aside the most solid and interesting pieces to make our toys and pollinator hotels.  Finally we handcraft our toys in our 100% off-grid solar powered woodshop.


 Your purchase of our products improves forest health and clean water availability in California while reducing the risk of catastrophic forest fires.  


Made in Paloma, California, USA


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